What is this fairy disguise?

i was excited to draw myself as nick…then i realized i took the controller  from my sister playing prototype and beat the monster for her….

I haven’t played anything for like a week, but when I remembered what the last game was… I had to.

bethany what are you doing here this is for real artists

resists joke about getting into Matt’hew’s pants

the smile on my face is cause I get to hang out with Vector now

ha neku youre the best

i was either playing brawl or mariokart 7 last. either way i was a turtle. lakitu in mariokart and squirtle in brawl. 

I can never resist doing these! The last game I played was super smash bros brawl with some friends last night, and the last character I played was Wario! As much as I thought I was-a gonna weeeeeeeennn….I didn’t.

uh yep.

Why did I do this.. Me as a monster sackperson.